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Mount Olympus - the grandeur in the name, confirmed by the beauty of the local nature

Climbing Mount Olympus was our must-see on our trip to mainland Greece. We read the reviews from the internet how to get there and how to climb. In reality, everything turned out to be true. There is no need for a guide, the trail is "well-trodden" - you will not get lost in any way. On the way up we saw older people and small children - a person who walks can climb it! Overnight stay in Litochoro, parking and the start of the Prionia climb. We hiked up to Shelter A, had a snack, and descended - all of which took about 7 hours of walking. If you wish to climb higher, you need to consider lodging, food, etc.

Маршрут от Литохоро до Приония (начало восхождения на гору Олимп)
Маршрут от Приония до Приют А (первая привальная точка)

Peculiarities of climbing Olympus in spring (early May):

  • It is better to start the ascent rested. It is not right if you drive from Halkidiki, Thessaloniki and make the ascent on the same day. Make an overnight stay near Mt. Olympus. Litochoro is an ideal place, a beautiful town with views of the mountain and near Prionia (the beginning of the ascent).
  • You should start the climb as early as possible in the morning. We started climbing at 9am. From Litochoro to Prionia (where there is a free parking) about 40 minutes drive on serpentines of medium quality (no holes, some dirt, narrow road, but in general a good road).
  • In the village of Litochoro is hot. At the foot of the mountain in the village of Prionia (a small place with a cafe and lodging) it is already quite fresh. During the ascent from the traffic is warm, but the close presence of snow, reeks of cold. We were in early May and at the first shelter point "Shelter A" there was snow all around. There are also the mountain peaks of Mount Olympus, which we did not climb, there is solid snow and slippery paths. At the top we put on all the clothes we had with us. Our feet got wet in the snow, so we put on bags and warm socks.
  • Because of the snow, Olympus is officially closed until April. But even in the beginning of May at the shelter point "Shelter A" everything was closed and there was no lodging or food. Take sandwiches and hot tea with you.
  • Trekking stick or usual stick found in the forest will be very useful. It makes the ascent and descent very easy.
Большая часть восхождения на Олимп по такой дороге
В начале мая на горе Олимп снег лежит

The entire climb was fairly easy, only at Shelter A there were steep trails, and I had to cover my eyes with my hand to avoid looking down. The steep ascent was aggravated by the presence of snow in front of the Shelter. In general there were a lot of emotions, tiredness as a result enormous, but enjoyment from the walk there is no description. Advice - be sure to make the ascent. The forest gives you strength and mindset - you will feel really inspired! Birdsong is a special delight! Concerning the ascent in the summer, of course, there are doubts - it will be very hot, how much water will need to even imagine)

Litochoro is a beautiful town at the foot of Mount Olympus

We took two overnight stays. We arrived in the afternoon from Halkidiki (passing through Thessaloniki). We stayed in the center, we walked around the city. On the second day we drove up to Mount Olympos. From Olympus to Litochoro we reached already about 20:00, tired, hungry and happy) a little walk around Litochoro one more time, and sleep. In the morning we were on our way to the town of Kalambaka.

Центр города Литохоро - мест одля ночлега перед подъемом на Олимп
Центр города Литохоро
Вид на гору Олимп из города Литохоро

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