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The Monasteries of Meteora are a place of strength

The monasteries of Meteora are one of the attractions of continental Greece that we definitely recommend a visit. The views are so beautiful that you have to see for yourself. Each monastery is located at a remote distance from each other, each on its own mountain peak. Another unique thing is that all the monasteries are active and you can visit them. However, there is a fee to enter each monastery.

Панорама монастырей Метеоры
Монастырь комплекса Метеора

The monasteries of Meteora are located near the town of Kalambaka and the village of Kastraki. We advise to settle in one of these places. We settled right by the road in Kastraki, a 10-minute drive from the first monastery. On a visit to the monasteries necessarily allocate a day. You can, in principle, and travel, but you can get tired and will have to look at everything on the run. And the views are so stunning, to enjoy them will take time. Time of stay near each monastery is about 30-40 minutes. Each monastery has views of the other monasteries, the village of Kastraki and the town of Kalambaka. Each monastery has its own name. We took a map of the whole complex (6 or 7 in total) at the hotel where we stayed. Between the monasteries walking distances are very large, so it is better to look at them by car. There is free parking near each monastery, and to the monasteries themselves there are paths from 5 to 15 minutes on foot.

We left Litochoro in the morning at 9 o'clock, and we arrived in Kastraki in the afternoon. We settled and went to explore the complex of monasteries. We went down with sunset. Then we had dinner, rest, and the next day our way was to Vikos Canyon.

Панорама на город Каламбака с комплекса Метеора

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