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Shipot waterfall is a sightseeing attraction of the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Is it worth your attention?
The nature of the Carpathian Mountains is beautiful without any exaggeration. The disadvantages are the roads and the low value of the attractions.
The area itself near the waterfall is beautiful - pine forest, steep mountains, near the ski slope and the elevator with the views. That is to say, you can relax here for a week in winter. But the waterfall then is not as beautiful as in the warm season. If you go here when it is warm, the elevator does not work and the process of getting to the place will take you a lot of time. Instead of a road, there is a direction. The cab driver in the spring refused to drive up to the waterfall of potholes, blocks of ice...
The waterfall itself is shallow and usually beautiful. That is specifically from somewhere to go and look as a landmark is not worth it unequivocally.

Пороги водопада Шипот (Карпаты, Украина)
Шипот водопад - один из самых больших в Украине

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