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What beach to choose on the island of Phuket? As always, everything is trivial, what exactly do you want?

The main beaches: Patong - the most popular, Karon - the relax beach, Kata - "nice village". All beaches are located within walking distance of each other. Really, on foot in one day it will be possible to visit only one of the beaches, taking into account that Karon is 8 km + Patong 6 km... And we didn't go back on foot, we took a tuk-tuk)

Karon is squeaky sand and 8 km of really relaxing promenade!

As it turns out, the road from the airport runs along Patong and Karon beach. And when passing Patong, were thinking at least it would not be our beach) continuous "motion" everywhere. And when we got to the region Karon, there were opposite thoughts - if only it was our beach)))) Karon - the optimal ratio of everything! In what part of settle, it does not particularly matter, the conditions are equal. We settled on the outskirts, closer to Kata beach and had no regrets. The hotel is very recommendable, because we had to walk to the other end of the beach (towards Patong) at sunset, come to the end of the beach and walk along the sidewalk along the freeway. It turns out that in that direction you admire the sunset and the gorgeous warm yellow light around!!! And back you walk along the stores and cafes that light up as soon as it gets dark. Such walks in a month never get bored) Absolutely no first line on any of the beaches, except for 1-2 major hotels on the corners of the beaches. But accommodation is placed all very close, just behind the road that runs along the beach. We had a reservation through bookings for 2 days at one hotel. The lodging sucked completely, like a doghouse of some sort. But reservation is a must, otherwise there will be problems at the entrance to the country. At the airport we found a transfer and told the name of the hotel. But first we were taken to the tourist registration office, where they looked at our passports, return tickets and persistently tried to find out where we would live if we had a reservation only for 2 days. The answer "we'll look locally", not really, but still satisfied them. It was easy to look for lodging locally. Went by, looked at the quality of housing and its compliance with the price. In the end, we found a third cheaper than it was booked through a booking engine, and the conditions are much better. In warm countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka and India on the price affects a lot of air conditioning or a fan in the room. Karon has everything - stores and cafes, hotels and spas, excursions and exchange offices... Stores, that's a bit of an overstatement! The real store is Big C, but you have to go to it. On the embankment small stores with meager assortment and mark-up prices of course. On our second week in Thailand, we visited Big C and stocked the fridge for 2 weeks ahead.

Karon is pretty well protected from the wind and waves geographically. So surfers will be bored here. The main highlight of the beach is the squeaky sand. It needs to walk on it and lie down to understand why he is so special) When you walk, it's funny creaking! Lying on it is a pleasure, it does not form a dust! The strip of beach Karon is divided into two sections: flat, washed by the waves is a hard sand, almost no slope - it is convenient to walk along the beach and a little further from the shore fluffy sand, which is convenient and soft to lie down to sunbathe. Sun loungers and umbrellas are paid, but with such sand, you don't even need a stomping ground, you just want to lie on the sand and play with it with your hands...

Скрипучий песок пляжа Карон в Таиланде
Карон, Патонг и Ката - Пляжи Пхукета
Панорама пляжа Карон - сделана с воды, поэтому выпуклость не соответсвует действительности
Протяженность пляжа Карон около 8 км
Песок на пляже Карон уникальный - он скрипит при хотьбе!
Песок на пляже Карон кристально чистый!

Patong - the beach is similar to Karon, almost like two drops, but in a more "party" form

Patong is more like a beach in the city and there is no Asian atmosphere. Everything is for sale, for rent, entertainment stores, boats...people and more people) Did not like it at all. The beach at Karon has the same infrastructure, except for the nightclubs and the music in the evening....Plus or minus for someone, the winds on Patong are constant, due to its geographical location. If you like surfing and paragliding, you're here. But if you do not like the wind and waves, you can not even come here) Patong Beach strip of thick fine sand - lying on the sand will not be convenient. Sun loungers and umbrellas are paid - for the day or have a subscription.

Пляж Патонг похож на Карон, но не такой уютный

Kata is a cute Asian village

It is the direct opposite of Patong beach. No traffic, no people) But the biggest disadvantage is the remoteness from housing. "First line" is 1 km from the shore and the infrastructure is not developed. The beach itself is a nice quiet bay, completely protected from the wind and waves. We found the beach too boring. Evening promenade along the water is not possible, nothing is lit. The strip of sand is very dense, more like asphalt when walking. Sunbathing is possible only on topchans, which are also paid as everywhere else in Thailand.

Пляж Ката и Ката Ной очень похожи
Песок на пляже Ката - мелкий в пыль, сильно сбитый

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