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Strasbourg - a city with a mixture of two cultures of neighboring France and Germany

Strasbourg is a must-visit city. To visit it is enough about 4-5 hours of walking. The sights of Strasbourg are gathered in one place - the old town on an island surrounded by the river Ile:

  •     Grand Ile - the old town.
  •     Little France is a quarter of Strasbourg through which you can get to the Grand Ile.
  •     Strasbourg Cathedral is a very spectacular and beautiful structure!

The island can only be accessed on foot. You will need to park somewhere off the island. There is a parking lot near the Little France quarter, marked P (parking) on the map. There is not much sense to go here overnight. It is better to come during the day and walk the streets of Grand Ile and admire the unusual architecture. The Little Country quarter is a "marketing move" - there is nothing to see, just go over the bridge into the interior of the island. Then we head nice and cozy streets to the Gothic cathedral of Strasbourg and the central tourist square. At this point, in general, all) worth a visit, but without fanaticism, if near you pass.

Карта старого города Страсбург - Гранд Иль и Маленькая Франция
Маленькая Франция в Страсбурге
Улочки и необычные дома Гранд Иль
Страсбургский собор

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