In Greece by car is an elongated concept, there can be several routes. Here is one of them: Halkidiki - Thessaloniki - Litochoro - Kalambaka - Parga

This route is very well suited for the off-season. We were in the spring - end of April, beginning of May. It turned out a little early, it was quite cold and cloudy, sometimes it rained. Prices, of course, were very cheap, and the views and places are delightful. There were not many tourists and vacationers. As boring as it sounds, when there are very few people at all.

По Греции на автомобиле (Халкидики-Салоники-Литохоро-Каламбака-Парга)

Halkidiki, namely the third finger of Mount Athos, we visited at the beginning of the route

On the Internet they wrote about the special beauties, but to be honest in fact we do not agree. We drove all the embankment of "the finger of Athos", visited the ruins of Aristotle (ancient Stagira). There are no spectacular views, nature is beautiful, but no more. Beautiful beaches or attractions were not seen.

Thessaloniki was on the way, we decided to stop in the center and see the promenade

The embankment is enormous, but to call it a promenade, does not work. It is port and not cozy, next to the highway. The city center is a beehive, you get the feeling that the cars and people move, regardless of the traffic signal. The freeway, the sidewalk, the intersections - it's a continuous, bustling stream. And we were there in the spring at the beginning of May, not in tourist season.

Карта проезда Халкидики (Афон) - Салоники

The first places described above, were in our itinerary, rather on the way, than chosen to explore. Next, all the places, as they say, are for the soul.

Climbing Olympus is more than a walk

Mount Olympus even sounds majestic! Ever since we were kids we heard about it, and when you ascend it as an adult you remember that Gods live there! You will get inspiration from the ascent for sure. The trail to Shelter A is 2/3 of a hike. The part of the trail in front of the shelter is certainly a controversial experience: during the ascent - fear, after the descent - elation - I did it! On this part of the path we met a family, a girl about 10 years old was shouting at the whole neighborhood, that further would not go. She can be understood) the path in some places narrow, with the edge of a steep precipice - even my hands sweat. But it is possible to pass and a child and an elderly person. So put climbing Olympus as a must-see attraction in Greece. No matter what part of Greece you are resting. Climbing Olympus is described in detail in another review article.

Litochoro, a town at the foot of Mount Olympus

It is the most suitable place for overnight stay. It is a cozy European-style town with views of Olympus. We recommend you to arrive in the afternoon in Lithohoro, as you'll have enough time to see the city in the evening. Then you can spend the night in Litochoro. The next day ascent to Olympus. You will have descent in the evening if you will go to A refuge. If you plan to go higher, you should leave earlier than 9 am. At refuge A people spend the night. So the ascent can take two days, but that's another story.

Маршрут Салоники - Литохоро (гора Олимп)
Вид на гору Олимп в городе Литохоро


Meteora - complex of active monasteries

A unique place for its beauty and power of energy. These are active monasteries, which makes them even more fascinating and delightful. These are freestanding monasteries on high ground. There is a drive in from the town of Kalambaka and the village of Kastraki. These localities are also very beautiful, because they have Meteora in the background. This attraction of Greece is also a must-see. Review of monasteries will take from 4 hours and more. Between the monasteries is a distance of a couple of kilometers. You can drive up to the parking lot, then walk 10 to 30 minutes directly to the monasteries.

From each monastery there is a view of the neighboring monasteries and the picturesque surroundings. And from one of the monasteries there is a view of the whole of Kalambaka.

Карта маршрута в Греции Литохоро (гора Олимп) - Каламбака (монастыри Метеоры в поселке Кастраки)
Комплекс монастырей Метеоры в Каламбака / Кастраки


Vikos Gorge - a uniquely beautiful canyon

There are several vantage points from which you can take panoramic photos of the entire canyon. We visited the Belaya Viupoit point. There are also walking tours into the canyon. But they require a guide, unlike the hike to Olympus, where you can easily climb on your own.

The beauty of nature in Greece is unquestionable. Vikos Gorge is a striking confirmation. It is necessary to visit of course, if you are near, or you are a fan of hiking.

Маршрут по Греции Каламбака - Викос - Парга
Каньон Викос (ущелье) - смотровая площадка Beloi Viewpoint


The city of Parga - the face of mainland Greece

If you're in the area, be sure to visit Parga. Its unique geographic location makes the town both beach and walkable at 5+. We liked the photos on the internet so much that we made Parga a must-visit in Greece and are glad we did. The emotions were positive 5+++.

Набережная Парга - вид на крепость
Вечерняя набережная Парга - вид с крепости
Панорама набережной города Парга

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