Is Khortytsia Island (Zaporozhye) worth the trip?

Khortytsia Island (reserve of Ukraine), is it worth the trip?

- Yes, if you are nearby, love history and nature, love hiking and new places.

Ideal for walks in the spring / autumn in the warm sunny weather. What that special species do not expect, from afar we do not recommend to put a visit to the island. Khortitsa as a goal.

Vilkovo - "Ukrainian Venice" in the Odessa region?

Vilkovo - "Ukrainian Venice" in the Odessa region? - No, of course not!

The nature is beautiful around! And that's all - the river, the forest. Riding on the boat there are two options: fast and expensive, slow and cheap. What to choose? One is not better than the other.

It's just the beautiful nature of Ukraine and no more!


Waterfall in the Carpaty "Shipot

Shipot waterfall is a sightseeing attraction of the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Is it worth your attention?
Nature of the Carpathian Mountains is certainly beautiful without exaggeration. The waterfall itself is shallow and usually beautiful. You shouldn't go and look at it as a special attraction.

Where to have a rest in the Carpaty

Carpathians is a mountain range and one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine.

Where is the best place to have a rest in the Carpathians?

Choose from the following options:

  • Lodging with private individuals (the room is often in a two-story house with a couple of three rooms).
  • Rooms in separate hotels with a small area.
  • A room in a hotel complex with a large equipped area around it.