Crimea Top Sights

Crimea is a great place for a varied vacation. Depending on the chosen region, it can be a beach holiday on the golden sand, hiking in the mountains or explore ancient cities. Be sure to visit the following cities:

  •     Koktebel with its Kara-Dag and winery.
  •     Sudak with its Genoese fortress.
  •     Novyi Svet with its Galician trail and the winery of sparkling wines.
  •     Alushta with its nearby trails on Demerdzhi and Chatyr-Dag caves.
  •     Partenit and Gurzuf with its mountain Bear.
  •     Yalta and "Big Yalta" settlements (Nikita, Massandra, Livadia, Gaspra, Alupka). Pay special attention to: Ai-Petri, Botkin trail, Grand Canyon.
  •     Simeiz with Cat Mountain
  •     Foros with a temple in the mountains.
  •     Sevastopol with the bay Balaklava and Cape Fiolent.
  •     Olenevka with Cape Tarkhankut.
  •     Bakhchisarai with the ancient cities of Cufut Qale and Tepe-Kermen.

Yalta (Crimea) attractions

Yalta is the pearl of Crimea - TOP Sightseeing. The Spartak area is the best place in all of Yalta.

Sightseeing in Yalta and the surrounding area:

  •     Yalta embankment - the best promenade in Crimea! It is obligatory to visit in the evening after 8 pm.
  •     The cable car is local - there won't be much of a view.
  •     Hill Darsan - another observation point. Overview is also not great. It is not convenient to get on foot, and it is not worth it. You can go by car to take a photo.
  •     Glade of fairy tales - to visit is worth with children or novice travelers.
  •     The trail Yalta - Livadia - can be recommended for evening walks in the time range 17-20 hours. At least once you can walk it.
  •     The trail from the Yalta-Intourist Hotel Dolphinarium to the central promenade - a walk for 1 time.
  •     Theater of Sea Animals "Aquatorium". Recommended to visit. It is not convenient to get by public transport. It is better to order a tour or by car.
  •     Botkin trail to the mountain Stavri-Kaya, through the waterfall Uchan-Su. We recommend to visit for sure. Inexperienced travelers are better to take a guide.
  •     Uch-Kosh Gorge - a trail through the forest and along the river. Worth a visit. Inexperienced travelers would better take a guide.

Nikita (Crimea) attractions

  •     Nikitsky Botanic Garden
  •     Cactus Botanical Garden

Can be recommended as a must-visit. It is easy to get on your own - a stop on the highway Yalta - Simferopol "Nikitsky Botanical Garden". Excursion can be taken only if it is complex with the visit of something else.


Ai-Petri (Crimea) how to get there and what to see?

Ai-Petri how to get there?

    The most convenient way, surprisingly, is to take a tour!
    You can take a car along the serpentine from Yalta (Livadia)

What is Ai-Petri to see?

    Panoramic views of the "Great Yalta" from two observation decks.
    Riding a cable car is an extreme attraction in itself! The route of the cable car to Ai-Petri is 100% picturesque.
    Ice Cave "Three Eyes"
    Walking on the mountain plateau

Miskhor, Koreiz and Gaspra (Crimea) sights

Miskhor, Koreiz and Gaspra are very small neighboring villages with mediocre beaches. There are no special views. There is no infrastructure. It is "hotel" settlements. Of attractions:

  •     Ai-Petri - the cableway begins exactly in the settlement of Miskhor. Ai-Petri is one of the most beautiful and most visited places in the Crimea. Ai-Petri is one of the most beautiful and most visited places in Crimea.
  •     Dulber Palace (Yusupov) - the only palace in 2007, the entrance to the territory of which is paid. It is not obligatory to visit. Located in Koreiz.
  •     Swallow's Nest is a palace on the cliff in Gaspra. Enough to look at him from afar. There is nothing to do nearby, there are no views.

Massandra (Crimea) attractions

  •     Massandra Palace of Alexander III is a beautiful building without any park zone around it. You can visit it, but do not expect the wow effect.
  •     Massandra winery is the best attraction of the Crimea. We are talking about the quality of produced wine and excursion on the territory of the plant.
  •     Beach Massandra - a small ordinary pebble beach. It is not worth a special visit.

Massandra is a village next to Yalta, without the first line of housing. To get to the beach is inconvenient. We do not recommend it for a vacation.


Livadia (Crimea) attractions

Livadia is a neighboring village with Yalta in the Crimea. Of the sights:

  •     Livadia Palace - no wow effect).
  •     Livadia Park - a small, not particularly equipped park.
  •     Walking trail from Yalta to the beach Dolphin (Livadia) - definitely recommend a walk by it.
  •     Dolphin Beach is a beautiful clean beach. There are few people always, as it is not so easy to get to him.

It is advised to visit. For recreation is not particularly suitable.

Alupka (Crimea) sights

Alupka is a resort village in the Crimea with cobblestone beaches and sights at 4-:

  •     Vorontsov Palace is a beautiful, well-preserved palace. Recommended to visit.
  •     Alupka park (Upper lake, South terrace, Big and Small Chaos of stones) - usual small beautiful park with pseudo sights!

You can come to Alupka for a couple of hours, for recreation is not recommended.

Berdyansk - rest on the Azov Sea (Ukraine)

Berdyansk is a budget holiday on the Sea of Azov. Options for recreation can be: the central part of town (dirty, but there is a promenade), the spit Berdyansk (Makarova Street) (clean, but windy and crowded) and mud estuaries Berdyansk (vacation on a special lover).

You can rest in Berdyansk for a change of 2-3 days. Return no desire. Going from afar is not recommended.