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Bases of rest in Orlovshchina

Recreation bases in Orlovschina - it's a vacation for kebabs, for a weekend, but not for a week. There's not much to do there. For a couple of days you can go to the pine forest, but on the preliminary booking of rooms and ... Choose lodging more expensive, otherwise everything will be dull as in a dorm. In the region of Prolisok Solnechnaya, you can only advise "Golden Beach" (united with "Kozatskie Selo") and only for the day visit. On the other side there is sovdepovaya camping site "Dubrava" with a large territory and recreation for lovers and "Three Bears" - expensive, but in appearance worth visiting place.

Tunnel beam in Dnepr

The tunnel beam in Dnieper is a great place for hiking and a great place for kebabs, but you still have to carry the bags from the parking lot to the rest spot. It's beautiful here at any time of year!

Quarry "On the detour" in Dnipro

The quarry "On the detour" in Dnieper and Kirovsky forest - a must-see in winter))). There are places to walk, ride quad bikes and cars, right through this pine forest. Chic places for kebabs and beach vacation! In summer, alas, there is nothing to do here because of the number of people (

Globa Park in Dnipro

Globa Park in Dnieper is more beautiful in photos than in reality. Once you can visit to get acquainted, but in fact it just needs an upgrade and redesign)

Novonikolayevsky quarry (Dnepr)

Novonikolayevsky quarry (Dnieper) is diving, shish kebab, fishing and swimming with a gazebo and a personal pier! At least once in the summer you should come here. While not many still know about this place)

Beautiful streets of the Dnipro

    in the center:

  •     Korolenko str. Korolenka
  •     Ul. Executive Committee (November 2020 - under construction)
  •     Blvd. Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard

    near Shevchenko Park - Yavornitskogo Street (November 2020 - under construction)

  •     on Pobedy - 1 - Pribrezhny park.

Country clubs in Dnipro

Suburban complexes of the Dnipro did not cause much excitement. The prices do not correspond to reality.

  •     Goodson overpriced accommodation, but for the day, without overnight stay, you can safely come here.
  •     Marco Polo prices are adequate, but the process of getting to and the small area of the club does not allow to recommend to visit.
  •     Bartolomeo is a great place for an evening stroll through the club and a late candlelit dinner. Located in town.
  •     River Club Island is a great place for an evening stroll through the grounds and dinner at one of the gazebos just at sunset. Nothing to do there at night.
  •     Park - Hotel Golden Beach from 2021 can already be considered a budding country club.
  •     Novoselytsya Park and Gulyai Pole can be combined for a visit on the same day.

Restaurants in Dnipro 2021

Fine Dining Restaurants - TOP Restaurants in Dnipropetrovsk:

  1.     Coast - the best place in Dnieper! Real haute cuisine! Beautiful interior, a summer terrace near the water.
  2.     Gulyai Pole is a restaurant with real Ukrainian cuisine! It is located outside the city, but there is an explicit quality of food, and if you want you can spend the night in a cozy house in a pine forest) Ideal for large and noisy companies.
  3.     Bartolomeo is an optimal place to visit as a haute cuisine. A great place to relax in nature within the city!
  4.     Selfish and Castle are two new perspective restaurants in Dnieper. Selfish - fish theme - a bold move) Food, interior, service - in terms of atmosphere can be safely attributed to the TOP institutions. Zamok - a real castle on Gagarin Street, everything is delicious and very cozy!
  5.     Reporter - optimal place to visit as haute cuisine. The interior is for a connoisseur) But with desserts is tight, even though there are a lot of them...
  6.     Buoni Fratelli (Bon Fratelli) - not a big Italian restaurant, they know how to handle meat) Desserts are tasty. The interior, alas, canteen sadness.
  7.     Abajur and Papa Carla are modest family restaurants. The food is of high quality, prices are low. The interior is very cozy. In the summer there is a terrace.
  8.     Mama Swear and Puri Chveni are "restaurants" of Georgian cuisine. Not exactly "haute cuisine", but still. For fans of grilled meat. Ideal for large and noisy companies.
  9.     Plov want - "restaurant" of Uzbek cuisine. Dedicated to lovers of meat and pilaf. Not high cuisine, but very tasty and very cheap for this quality. Ideal for big and noisy companies.
  10.     188 Safari - "restaurant" is a big word for this place. But still worth a visit at least because of the views. Maybe with time the food will get better).
  11.     Spoon - delicious desserts with the atmosphere of a restaurant!
  12.     Lviv Chocolate Workshop - the chocolate and chocolates are the best!
  13.     Flagman - the best sushi in Dnipro!
  14.     ECO&PIZZA - the first pretender to the title of the best pizzeria in Dnipro! We are still in search of the perfect taste. Somewhere in the stuffing, somewhere in the dough) But Eco Pizza compare favorably with everyone else.