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Sofievka Park in Uman

It is better to go to the Sofievsky park during May 03-08. This is the best time for the weather and the number of people. Before that it will be cold and not green, and then all the flowers will bloom and the sun will shine.

Park Sofievka is divided into two parts: old and new. The old is more interesting and requires about 5 hours of walking. It is better to take food and water with you. At the entrance you should take a map of the park.

The park is very beautiful and soulful! Definitely recommend everyone to visit!

Homeopathic Travel Kit

What is a homeopathic medicine cabinet? Can a traveler's medicine cabinet be from homeopathy?

A traveler's medicine cabinet is just the essentials, so there are no upsetting moments! Homeopathic pharmacy - how to find one in a new city and country! Advantages of homeopathic medicine cabinet: small weight and not large volume. It is IMPORTANT that the homeopathic first aid kit be in a luggage bag, wrapped beforehand in food-grade aluminum foil, in order to protect from radiation during airport scans. This article contains preparations intended in one way or another for emergency measures, so the dilution (potency) of homeopathic preparations is recommended as low as possible - 3, 6, 12, or at least 30.

Cape Tarkhankut (Crimea) what to see?

Cape Tarkhankut - the western pearl of Crimea - TOP of the most beautiful places of Crimea. You should come here by car only. All roads to ATlesh and Dzhangul exclusively dirt, sometimes even difficult to pass because of the rough terrain, but nothing too complicated.

Cape Tarkhankut (Crimea) - what to see?

  •     Lyman in Olenevka village
  •     Lighthouse
  •     Atlesh
  •     Dzhangul

Tarkhankut is not a beach vacation! Most of the time you will need to spend in the car, occasionally go out and enjoy the views. But what are these views! You can come here for 2-3 days. If you are looking for emotion from new places, then you should definitely come here!

Rest in Kastropole (Crimea)

Rest in Kastropolis on his own amateur. From the sights of the rock Iphigenia and the promenade along the sea to the neighboring villages. Rest in Kastropole - except for 1-2 days and that doubtful pleasure.

Bakhchisaray (Crimea) attractions

Bakhchisaray (Crimea) reminiscent of Cappadocia in Turkey with its valleys and stone figures.

This is a must-see if you like walking and ancient cities:

  •     Cufut Qale - you can drive up by car almost under the very entrance to the territory. Entrance fee. Visiting time is 3-4 hours. Tourist place.
  •     Tepe-Kermen - only a hike. There / back about 7 hours. Few people know about this cave city and few people go to visit it. So if you go, you can enjoy the nature without the crowds of people.

Both ancient cities are poorly preserved, everything is almost destroyed. But the panoramas everywhere are gorgeous. It is better to visit Bakhchisaray in late May or in September, so you won't catch the scorching sun and rain.

Balaklava (Crimea) attractions

Balaklava bay is a beautiful promenade and the Genoese fortress Cembalo. Panoramic photos are excellent, even on a soapbox 10 years ago) But the main thing here is the positive energy, which gives peace of mind)

Simeiz and Katsiveli (Crimea) attractions

Simeiz is a beautiful natural town in the Crimea. We don't recommend you to stay here on vacation at all. However, you must visit this town because of the special panoramic views - they are the attractions of Simeiz:

  •     Cat Mountain. On the left side, you can admire the whole town of Simeiz - a gorgeous panorama. On the right will open up a view of the village Katsiveli in the distance and close up view of the water park "Blue Bay.
  •     Rock Diva on the beach - a review point on the chic Crimean coast. Be sure not to be lazy, climb the steps to the very top. Climb fairly comfortable for all, though slightly steep.
  •     Water park "Blue Lagoon" is a great place for entertainment.