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Is it worth to go to Odessa in winter?

Is it worth to go to Odessa in winter? - No, definitely not. Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea. That is, you can come here for a walk, but in the warm season. To go here for beach rest...too doubtful pleasure. It is better to come in a velvet season and that only for a weekend.

Sudak (Crimea) attractions

Sudak is more of a tourist than a resort town of Crimea. The city is best visited while vacationing in Novy Svet or Koktebel, which are more suitable for relaxation.

Sudak sights:

  •     The Genoese fortress of Sudak - preserved slightly, but it looks spectacular and large-scale. But the main thing is the views that open from its edges: in the east - is the view of the entire embankment of Sudak, in the west - the road to the New World - a delightful serpentine! We recommend a visit for sure.
  •     Quay - it is quite nice to walk along the whole coast on a warm autumn day)

Koktebel (Crimea) attractions

Koktebel is the Crimean cradle - a perfect place for a beach holiday and hiking. You can come here at any time of the year.

Attractions of Koktebel:

  •     Promenade - the whole promenade from Kara-Dag Mountain to the mountain of the other side of the village of Koktebel is a fully equipped walking path (3-4 km).
  •     Kara-Dag is a mountain/reserve. Definitely recommend a visit. Walk with a guide for about 5 hours.
  •     Walk Ordzhonikidze - Koktebel - independent walking tour for 6 hours. We recommend to walk in the Velvet season.

Novy Svet (Crimea) attractions

Novy Svet is a magical and unforgettable place in the Crimea. It is obligatory to visit, can be classified as one of the top attractions of the Crimea:

  •     Golitsin Trail - Easy to walk and very picturesque in views. Must visit.
  •     Chaliapin's Grotto - Quite an ordinary grotto - wine vault, will be on the way on the Golitsin Trail.
  •     Cape Kapchik - There is a magnificent juniper grove to the cape. From the cape there is a panorama of the Golitsin trail.
  •     Champagne Wine Factory "Novyi Svet" - it is important to have a guided tour of the factory - fascinating and informative.
  •     Climbing the mountain Koba-Kaya - a chic panorama of the whole New World and the neighborhood. It is a must to visit.
  •     Czar's beach is a lure for tourists.

Uch-Kosh Gorge in Yalta

Uch-Kosh is a gorge of three mountains in the Yalta region. The whole route lies in a protected area. The trails are easily passable. We recommend that you hike through Uch-Kosh gorge with a guide. At the end of the route there is a marvelous view of Yalta. The entire route takes no more than 6 hours.

Botkin's Path in Yalta

Botkin Trail in Yalta is an ecological trail through the mountains and forest. It starts behind the former Issary camp (behind the Glade of Fairy Tales). It passes through the foot of the Uchan-Su waterfall. The highest point is the top of the Stavri-Kaya mountain. The view opens up all over Yalta. It is a magical sight! The route is quite easy in the bosom of beautiful nature. The entire route takes about 7 hours. Must visit!

Foros (Crimea) attractions

Foros is a beautiful beach resort of Crimea. There is no promenade in the city at all. Foros attractions:

  •     Foros Church and Baydar Gate. A must-see. The views can safely be attributed to the TOP in the Crimea.
  •     Foros Park - nothing unusual. Suitable just for a walk if you settled in town.
  •     The beaches are the attraction of the city.
  •     Balaklava - the close geographical location of this magnificent bay to Foros, obliges you to walk there. One way you can take a bus, back by boat.

Tips for Foros: It is convenient to stay in the central area, near the market and the beach Green. It is better to go to the beach near the boarding house Terletsky (Beach 3), you can walk in the evening in the direction of Foros Park.

Marble and Emine-Bair-Khosar Caves - how to get?

The caves of the Crimea are located in Alushta region on the mountain Chatyr-Dag - Marble and Emina-Bair-Khosar nearby, the Red one is a bit farther. These caves can be counted as one of the most beautiful places of interest.

Crimean Cave Visiting Tips:

  •     If you want to get there by yourself or with a guide, you should bring your own car. There is no public transportation to the caves.
  •     Advantages to go with a tour - you will take a queue to enter the cave. The queue to the caves is a limiting component, as well as on the cable car to Ai-Petri.
  •     Take warm clothes with you. In Emine-Bair-Khosar rent a jacket at the entrance. Excursion in the caves lasts at least 30-40 minutes.

Demerdzhi - Ghost Valley how to get there?

Demerdzhi is a mountain in the Alushta region, in the village of Luchistoe. The Valley of Ghosts is the southern slope of Demerdzhi Mountain. It resembles the valleys in Cappadocia (Turkey). You can visit on your own without a guide. From the bus station of Alushta there is a bus to the village Luchistoe (every hour). The bus stops in Luchistoe and climbs to the "Valley of Ghosts". You can visit in the spring, summer and fall! Two routes:

  •     southern slope of the mountain - Valley of Ghosts - quite steep climb up - beautiful views of the sea and Alushta
  •     Trail around the mountain - easy, but a longer route - hiking in the ecological area

Demerdzhi - Valley of Ghosts can be included in the top attractions of Crimea.